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Some of our elite ladies also dabble in some lingerie model work it’s not because they need the money their main profession pays extremely well, but rather because they enjoy doing something a little different? Modelling is fun, after all and it means they get to meet people engaged in a different industry.

And it’s not as if they have to adopt a different routine to the one they already engaged in in terms of keeping up a strict beauty routine when it comes to high standards: all high class escorts have them. Maintaining a beautiful body – as one would expect – means lots of gym visits, manicures and hair appointments. But then, let’s face it; regularly going to beauty parlours is hardly a trial for most women out there!

And when it comes to basic skills, there’s not a lot of difference between escorting and modelling in terms of job ‘attributes’ for example it’s not just about being gorgeous to look at, you also have to possess a certain self-confidence and – particularly in escorting – you have to be good at personal communication. And this is why agencies and photographers that work with our ladies are always asking if they have colleagues who might be interested in working with them too. They know the best escorts keeps themselves in tip top condition and there is no question that they’re in shape and probably photogenic too.

The other big plus about doing the modelling work is that our ladies often get to keep a lot of the lingerie – Basques, gorgeous silk bodysuits and lacy all-in-ones. These of course are a bonus for escort work since our girls buy their own clothing, so the two go hand in hand really. Having said that, our ladies never turn down a client to do a photo shoot – their priorities are that their work always comes first.

And it can be a little embarrassing for our models at times. That’s because there have actually been moments when they’ve been recognised while shopping in Bond Street, thanks to the photography work. Often it’s by the assistants who work there since the modelling is for the expensive lingerie ranges which are stocked in those types of boutiques.

Maybe when our ladies get a bit bored with the photography work I’ll think about a little acting work. Who knows what the future holds? It’s pretty exciting right now anyhow.

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