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Before I entered the world of being an elite escort, I had a particular style. And I always like to leave a little to the imagination. Young girls today often commit the cardinal sin with both legs and chest on display simultaneously. Don’t they know that it is never acceptable to mix cleavage and thigh? Being a prosperous escort in London, I know how to look classy in public and slightly less demure in private. I love to experiment with looks. I love to experiment in the bedroom. So, with these two ideals, I give my clients their money’s worth and my wardrobe a great workout!

A little accessorising goes a long way.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought – yes, today is a good day? We all have little imperfections that make us unique, but as long as we are OK with it, so should everyone else. For example, I know I can’t just roll out of bed, adopt that look for the day and hope I get away with it. The streets of London would be a shock if I unleashed myself on the world this way. No, I like to be well turned out, smelling exquisite and with a designer handbag hanging on my arm. In short, I want to be pretty.

I would also like to walk the streets with the most desirable accessory – an equally well-turned-out man. I am not particularly fussy whether my client is an entrepreneur or a City slicker. This elite escort knows how to match her men to her outfits!

It’s not even about designer names; it’s about knowing how to work with what you’ve got and being confident. I know I can have a plunging neckline or a backless top if I wear a longer skirt or trousers. If I wear a shorter hemline, no cleavage will be displayed.

The perfect boudoir boutiques

I’m lucky in my line of work to have the time to go searching in London’s finest boutiques and stores. I know how to source the most gorgeous accessories that can be teamed up with high-street imitations. London has unique boutiques; I will remember them like a catalogue, even if I’m just window shopping. Therefore, when a client fancies treating me, I can go straight there rather than making him search for hours for my perfect gift. Of course, I don’t point out the exact item I’m after. I leave a little to the imagination, so he has to do some of the work himself.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed recently whilst out shopping – the Lingerie shops and high street fashion chains have brought back stockings and suspenders even as a fashion item. Suspenders and all the lacy paraphernalia that go with them are an absolute favourite of mine. Not to mention a hit with all my clients, too. I have done away with pantyhose forever. A hint of my silk stockings under a designer dress will always leave a little to the imagination. Furthermore, it is far more sophisticated than nylon tights. It’s all about the run of lace around a creamy thigh that sends my dates into a quivering wreck.

Leave me in suspenders.

I have recently worn dresses for the day and in the evening. The whole hold-up fetish started with one strong demand from a customer. He asked that I wear silk stockings for our date at the Mint Casino. He is one of my most minor demanding clients, but he does have strong ideas about what he likes his girls to wear. And we girls know that looking good for a date is a prerequisite for the job. That means getting underwear, outerwear and accessories to marry into the perfect package.

I was hard-pressed to find silk, as everywhere sold nylon. I ended up in Agent Provocateur, and oh my word, it was like an Aladdin’s Cave for me. I could have spent an absolute fortune! As it was, these cost me £55. And at that price, I’m starting to wonder if I should leave a little to the imagination or get my money’s worth. I just prayed to God that his fantasy wasn’t to rip them off me!

As the roulette wheels were turning, he kept popping his hand just under the hem of my dress to check they were still done up. At least, I think that’s what he was after. Occasionally, I found another fifty-pound note clipped onto the suspender belt. It’s great fun being a high-end escort. After a roulette win and a handsome tip from my client, my underwear drawer now boasts hold-ups, suspender belts and stockings in various colours.

When imagination is sexier than reality

As a top escort, I know the tricks of the trade regarding styling. However, some are not as fortunate and don’t understand why leaving a little to the imagination is essential. For instance, just last week, I was to accompany another client to another very classy casino, and I had my attire all worked out. New stockings, a long dress, subtle cleavage and sexy, sultry make-up. However, my client had other ideas…

This time, he requested that I wear a short dress with plenty of cleavage. I added to that his desire for sky-scraper heels and heaps of make-up. I knew this was not how to present myself at such a venue, but he insisted. Well, I arrived with him, looking like a cheap date, not the high-class London lady I pride myself on being. I attracted all sorts of attention, which my date was not impressed about.

Note to self…do speak up with a client. Let them know you will wear whatever they like, but only when appropriate. After all, with the fashion knowledge I’ve gained as a high-end escort, I know better than most that when I leave a little to the imagination, I’m far sexier.

Leave a little to the imagination with London escorts

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