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Our amazing ladies do make an effort to keep healthy – they eat a great diet, workout to maintain their curves and they drink a lot of water. But from time to time, a bug or a cold will strike. Think about it, beautiful ladies often see people from all over the world. They’re in demand from all kinds of nationalities and people can also bring in their bugs and their germs with them. Sometimes their immune systems are on overdrive, or if you look at it another way, our ladies are strengthening their immune systems too!

When you are a top London escort, you do need to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed at all time. So, when the dreaded bugs hit they take it easy in bed. Sometimes catching up on the books and the films that they have been too busy to read or see these past few months, and drinking lots of water!

So what do amazing ladies do when they get ill? Is there such a thing as escort sick pay?! Well, it isn’t really a daft question if you think about it.

Fortunately our ladies rarely are ill and we think it’s to do with having extra activities in the bedroom department, it certainly helps the blood flow and keeps our ladies very fit indeed. There is something to be said for positive Intimate relations that keep the mind and body in good shape.

When you are in good health, your skin glows, you look radiant and talk comes easily and naturally. Being able to talk easily and naturally is certainly important for Park Lane and Mayfair, talking and listening are the most important aspect of the job – so keeping on top of health is crucial.

Rest and recuperation is the best thing for them to feel better, and another day or so and they shall be bright and breezy once more. Ready to show the discerning gentlemen of London a very good time again!

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