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It’s very nearly valentines…. Love is in the air, the shops are filled with heart shaped gifts and cuddly toys, just about every restaurant in town is fully booked and has the champagne on ice and the florists are working through the night to make sure they’re ready for their busiest day of the year.

For many February 14th is a day for kisses and cuddles, sharing gifts, a day to spend quality time with your loved one, showing how much you care for one and other and for doing something special, just the two of you. Valentines day, the day of love and passion, sharing and caring, it’s just a shame that not everyone has that someone special to spend it with. February 14th, looked forward to by many and dreaded by the rest. We all know when valentines day has arrived, you can’t avoid it, women in love are gushing over the flowers and chocolates they received in the morning and competing to see who got the biggest bunch and box (cos we all know that when it comes down to it size does matter!)

There really is nothing worse than having to see happy couples everywhere you look when you’re on your own. Everything on the radio and the box is L.O.V.E love. So what do you do? ignore it, hide away from it for the day? Moan and tut and generally be a miserable so and so in hope that you might be able to wipe out a small piece of happiness from someone who’s actually daring to enjoy the dreaded V day? Or maybe, just maybe this year things could be a little different…..

What’s wrong with feeling loved and pampered, it makes you feel good, it helps with stress, it’s natural and needed and it certainly beats sitting at home alone. So while others take themselves out to be wined and dined, looking forward to an intimate evening ahead, why not join them. If it’s a date you’re after then look no further. We have sexy, intelligent, sophisticated and drop dead gorgeous guys and girls to make this years valentines day one you’ll never forget. Not only that but our elite London escort companions are sure to turn a few heads and make you the envy of the night. A little bit of positive thinking and you’re half way there, all you need to do is pick up the phone and we’ll arrange the rest for you. Whatever it is you do this valentines make sure it’s a good one….

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