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We are advertising the fact that we have male escorts available in London to book in order to entertain yourself; what did you expect?

The term ‘rent boy’ has had a lot of negative attention over the years. t really isn’t like you see it in the movies you know. We’re not talking about rough looking lads standing on the street corner waiting for someone to come by and sweet talk them into their car with the promise of a sexual encounter and a big fat wad of cash! We’re talking real men, intelligent, sexy and alluring, but without the sleaze.

So what can you do with a male escort? It is totally out of our hands, and this you must understand very well indeed before you even consider placing a booking with us. With an established agency such as ours you pay for time and companionship. The only guarantees you will get is that the male escort that you choose from the website will be the guy you meet and that he will definitely turn up or be there for you when you want him to be.

Let’s get this straight. There are no further guarantees, no matter what it is you’re looking for. We represent human beings, not robots. You can make requests to the agency about your escort’s attire etc. and things pertaining to your booking, but we will not under any circumstances offer you sexual services. We are positive you have heard or read it time and time again, what happens between you and your male escort is between the two of you and we have nothing to do with it past the introduction stage.

When you browse our page of Male escorts you will see quite detailed descriptions of the guys and if you click the profile you’ll get more pictures and even more detail. We have a number of bisexual male escorts too and they would be very happy to meet with a man or a woman, or perhaps both if the mood takes you. You’d simply need to choose who you would like and give us a quick call to verify what you’d like to plan. These lovely guys are totally professional in every sense of the word and they’re happy to meet at your home, hotel or in a restaurant, alternatively some of them may offer in-call locations.

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