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“I would never date or marry a man who sees escorts”. How many women would agree with that statement? It doesn’t take a degree in psychology and sociology to estimate that very few Western women will not identify with that viewpoint, whether or not they are strongly religious. Feminist women are just as inclined to hold this view as the profoundly faithful, with most suggesting that a man who sees escorts in London or anywhere else is abusive to women on many levels. There is a strong religious and social bias against the idea of a man, especially one in a marriage or a committed relationship, seeing other women whether or not they are escorts. Interestingly enough, even women who consider themselves to be very modern and liberated from constricting social mores suddenly become highly restrictive when it comes to the idea of their significant other spending time with other women. Why? While women have powerful and vocal feelings on this subject, when you ask them why they hold these views, they struggle to formulate a reason which goes beyond familiar one-dimensional arguments such as “it’s cheating” or “it’s disrespectful”.

What about men’s rights?

Women’s rights have come a long way in the last forty years. With the advent of birth control, women find themselves in a position which would have been unimaginable previously. Because they can now control falling pregnant, their dependence on having a reliable male presence in their lives has lessened considerably. Feminists have used this opportunity to vehemently argue for the rights of women to direct their own lives and to control their sexuality. There are very few women who would not at least pay lip service to the notion that a woman is entirely in charge of her body and that men have no say when it comes to this. On the face of it, there is nothing wrong with this attitude. Still, the more astute among you may recognise that while women’s rights to their sexuality are considered absolute, mainstream men’s sexuality is increasingly belittled and put in second place behind women’s needs.

If a woman is entitled to enjoy her sexuality on her terms, why is it unacceptable that men’s desires are allowed free expression? It’s interesting to see that in a normal, healthy relationship between a man and a woman, men are often fascinated with women’s fantasies and are driven to find ways to satisfy the women in their lives. Still, most women have little time for men’s fantasies. Wives are more interested in controlling men’s dreams than obliging them. The only imagination most want to hear about is the one in which they are the only sexually attractive woman in the world, and if the man in their life thinks differently, then he has a problem. Whether or not this attitude is in line with what men want or feel is irrelevant because the only opinion that matters is the one that comes attached to the XX chromosome, and if you disagree, you will have the wrath of the modern world against you.

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