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Being with a woman who has a relaxed approach towards sex is one of the most stimulating things in the world. A woman who understands that sex can just be a physical experience is a major turn-on, and goes a long way to explaining why the best escorts in London lead very busy professional lives.

Men understand that an evening with one of our gorgeous ladies won’t involve any of the awkward social courtesy that makes dating such a hassle. They know that they can converse in a completely comfortable manner with the lady, knowing that everything they say and do will be treated with discretion and maturity. They can be open and honest about their likes, dislikes, their kinks and their passions – all without having to adhere to any assumed rules or etiquette.

There’s nothing wrong with people just wanting intimate relations; it’s completely normal. Everyone wants to be close to somebody, everyone enjoys it; so what’s the big deal about being honest about it? Men are afraid to say to their dates ‘I only really want sex’ because chances are, the woman will turn towards the door and run. All the guy has done is be truthful and honest, but most women still won’t want to hear it.

When you arrange a date with one of our gorgeous ladies, there is no illusion from either party about what is going to happen. At the very least, it will be fine dining or relaxed conversation with an elegant, charming, intelligent lady. At the most, it will be an evening of sexual discovery and much-needed release at the hands of an experience seductress who knows exactly how to set your heart on fire.

If either of these options sound like something that would add a little spice to your life, then Park Lane and Mayfair is bound to have the woman of your dreams just waiting for your call. If dating has become a chore and you’re getting frustrated at the constant battles of will, mind-games and rules to be abided by, then an evening of passion with one of our feisty temptresses might be exactly what you need.

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