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Every good escort in London knows that to make the most of their profession, they need to encourage clients to return to them again and again, and they do this by giving you a top-class service and getting to know precisely what you like.

With so many London escort agencies to choose from, each promoting a gorgeous array of fabulous escorts, ts is there any benefit to deciding to use one particular agency regularly?

One distinct advantage of using the same agency each time you meet with an escort is that the agency will get to know you as a ‘regular’. You’ll find that this is very useful if you’re starting to polarise to a small number of ladies as your preferred choice of dates. The more you use an escort agency, the more they get to know you.

The reception staff will learn your likes and dislikes. It will be far better equipped to offer recommendations for other companions should your first choice be unavailable. For example, say you prefer elite Russian escorts, but your usual staff of choice is sick; our receptionists can give you invaluable advice on which of our other ladies in your area are likely to be to your liking. Plus, should any new escorts who meet your criteria come onto our books, they’ll be able to give you a little advance notice so you can be one of the first clients to arrange a meeting with them.

If you choose to meet with a minimal number of escorts or just one in particular, you’ll find that the more meetings that you have, the more personal the panels will get. That’s not to say that your companion will start prying into your private life, but instead that they’ll get to know your particular preferences.

As you can imagine, this can only happen over time with regular meetings. Still, as you spend more and more time together, you’ll soon find that your regular companions will learn what makes you tick, what you enjoy and your favourite way to spend time together. In turn, this will lead your escort to tailor your meetings so that you get the maximum pleasure.

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