Park Lane & Mayfair

Wise men in the affluent city of London must be aware of the differences between a Gold Digger and a professional escort and choose relationship partners carefully. The main difference between the two is in their intentions. Gold Diggers want to prey on rich men and reap as many benefits for themselves as possible. In essence, it’s a greedy, one-sided relationship. However, top-end escorts, like the ones in Park Lane and Mayfair, are ambitious women with an end goal in mind and a desire to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Another difference comes in the lifestyle of a Gold Digger as opposed to that of an elite escort. A Gold Digger usually has no discernible job, career, or education goals. She will be content to live off generous men. A part-time or student escort, though, often has a college education or is actively pursuing one, has career goals and aspirations of her own, and has ambitions for her life.

Guard your wealth and your emotions by being on the lookout for a Gold Digger versus an elite escort. A Gold Digger might routinely cancel dates because she has little regard for your schedule, lifestyle, needs, or plans. A staff is far more accommodating because she understands that the arrangements function on your terms and according to your time and demands.

Finally, a Gold Digger may use the sexual aspect of your relationship as a tool of manipulation. In contrast, an escort understands the role of intimacy in your relationship but does not wield it as a manipulation device after the terms you’ve mutually established.

Because a young woman seeking a relationship with wealthy, older, established men does not automatically make her a Gold Digger. In the case of an escort, she intends to meet your physical and relationship goals while you meet her financial needs. When one party reaps significantly more benefits without regard to the other – that’s a Gold Digger. When both parties are meeting each other’s needs and sharing and enjoying their help – that’s a client-escort relationship.

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