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For many years, cruises were thought of as being only for elderly retired couples enjoying their autumn years in perfect tranquillity. You certainly wouldn’t go on a cruise to have a party lifestyle! Recently, this image has been shattered by the introduction of giant luxurious ships which boast the entertainment facilities of a large city, with casinos, chic restaurants and cool bars serving the best cocktails. These new offerings are marketed towards younger professionals, with lots of niche markets being catered for, such as the gay market, party people and even swingers! Now that cruising has opened up to a more diverse range of customers, we have received more and more requests for one of our companions to accompany a client on a luxury cruise.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense since there are several reasons why an escort is an ideal companion for a cruise holiday. First, a sexy and attentive young lady is perfect for showing off in front of other guests, and they will be utterly in awe of the beautiful lady at your side. At the same time, cruises tend to have a very international clientèle, and you are highly unlikely to meet anybody you know from back home. And cruises are a great way to meet new friends with like-minded interests from all around the world. Furthermore, cruises allow you to see many different places in one trip. As most of our high-end escorts are fluent in many languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese I, Italian, and English, they are the ideal translators for the best cruising destinations, such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Cruises tend to last at least a week, so a cruise is the absolute best way to build up trust and intimacy that helps make the best dates.

A week on a cruise will fly by with someone you like, but it will feel like a long time with someone you don’t get on with. We recommend that you call us first, and we will ensure that you meet with the friendliest of our travel companion ladies.

There can be few more enjoyable getaways than a luxury cruise from the tip of Florida to Jamaica, the Mexican resort of Cancun and on to the magical islands of St Barth’s and Antigua. On the other hand, you do not have to cross the globe to enjoy a cruise in warm waters. The Mediterranean is also a great place to cruise from spring to autumn. With one of our companions by your side, you can experience charming Greek villages on volcanic islands, fascinating historical cities such as Naples and Valletta, and party islands such as Ibiza and Mallorca, all within a week’s travel our escorts that journey would love to enjoy such a trip with you. They would go the extra mile to reward you for your generosity. If you don’t like to see so much water, then you can even take a city cruise along the blue Danube, taking in some of Europe’s finest cities such as Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade.

We hope we have awoken your interest in cruising with one of our London-based ladies. Imagine the fun you can have with one of our companions on a cruise around the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Call us today, and we can help you bring this dream to reality!

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