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We don’t know whether it is because it is a new year. Still, we have recently met with a few ‘beginner’ escorts, for example, girls who have just come on the scene and are looking at escorting to boost their current earning potential (some of these girls also have full or part-time jobs). We cannot see how they can give 100 per cent of themselves and their energy to escorting while holding down a day job. We will guess we’ll soon see just how possible that is as some of them, I’ve no doubt, will drop out as the weeks go on.

And that is the thing about escorting – it is not a means of topping up an income. It is a profession in itself. It takes a lot of hard work to be a top escort. And we don’t just mean engaging in the job itself but also everything you need to do to maintain high standards.

For instance, our ladies spend hours every week going to the gym, sauna and beauty parlours to make sure they are at the physical best for their clients. That means daily exercise and toning sessions, skin purification and weekly pedicures and manicures. This costs quite a bit. But we reckon it is worth the investment. It is the least our clients expect of our ladies as an elite London escort agency.

Our ladies spend an awful lot of time finding out about what regular clients are interested in so that they can hold interesting conversations with them. For instance, a regular client loves art. A few of our elite escorts are fond of it, but they would not be popping down to the Tate or some other galleries so frequently if they did not know he would want to chat about the exhibits.

Our ladies also make sure they are up-to-date with what is happening in the world. Our ladies read one of the quality newspapers daily and keep an eye on the news (it is not difficult – it is 24 hours, and they are constantly repeating themselves!).

Shopping, we know – hardly a chore, but having knock-out clothing is essential to our girl’s overall appearance. And they do not want to turn up to a glamour event wearing an outfit from three seasons ago with a missing button. They like to be immaculate.

These are just some of the things we ensure our top escorts do to make sure they are a treat to behold for our clients.

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