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If you are stuck whilst trying to plan your summer holiday, do not be disheartened if you’re mates aren’t up for a guy’s holiday and you are not seeing anyone that you’d want to go away with, going away with one of our Park Lane and Mayfair London escorts would be just as funny. We don’t think there is one guy on this planet who doesn’t enjoy spending time with a sexy female; add to this the fact that our models are some of the most fun and adventurous girls that you will ever meet, and you have yourself the perfect partner to take away with you.

Remember your first ‘youth holiday’ with your mates? This is usually around the 17/18 years mark, and it will often be described as one of the best times of any guy’s life. It is usually the first time that you and a group of your good mates have gone away together, away from the parents and teachers that hover around at home; it is the first real opportunity to let our hair down, drink loads (often way too much), stare at girls (whilst trying to pluck up the courage actually to talk to them) and just really let loose.

From what you guys can remember of your first youthful holiday, it was the best week you had ever had. Of course, I bet you vowed to go on this kind of holiday once every year. At that stage, you believed you would be happy to go on this holiday forever. Whether you were married with a couple of children or old with a bad back, I bet you were convinced there would never be a better holiday.

Sometimes change is good, we all have to accept growing up and getting too old to do certain things (like a skinny dip in the ocean without a care in the world) but getting a bit older doesn’t have to be boring, give one of a call. She can explain how much fun going away with a travel escort will be.

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