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What to do on your first date with an elite escort…

Specify the time and venue of the date.
Do not be vague about the location or time of date. If you don’t know the site correctly, resort to Google Maps. You can also ask the escort agency to guide you about a venue.

Don’t bring up uncomfortable topics.
Do not bring up awkward topics during your date. The dating part is about having a lovely time, which holds for both the daters. She will try her best to make you happy – you, too, should be careful not to bring up any unpleasant stance. Avoid controversial topics like ethnicity, class, religion and, of course, personal life. Hover your discussions around harmless stuff like movies, books, sports, politics, fashion, travel, etc.

Play the humour card.
A woman always prefers a man who can make her smile. So, try to play your humour card to break the ice and make things easier and more memorable between you two.

Don’t just rush it.
Your date is no doubt irresistible, but you should be careful not to plunge into her the moment you see her. Use the first 20 minutes for a pleasant, engaging conversation – you have to give her time to get at ease with you.

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