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A lot of people ask what the best thing about working as an elite escort is. It’s the jet-set lifestyle, surely, they’ll say. Or the excitement of meeting men from all walks of life. While those are great, there’s actually something else that really makes their job special. It’s the way the clients treat them – like a princess, to be precise. Whether they’re busy London businessmen or wealthy foreign visitors to the capital, all of our clients take the time to make our ladies feel like a million dollars.

As our regular clients know, most of our ladies are in-demand fashion models as well as an escorts. So our ladies are always on the go, often heading straight to a date in some sexy designer outfits they’ve just modelled on a shoot. Needless to say, they appreciate a man who takes the time to spoil them and help them to relax.

One particular client just wanted to spend the night in his hotel room and totally unwind. His chosen lady for the night was going to be flying back from Paris the day before, and it sounded like heaven to her. While she was in the French capital, she made sure to treat herself (and the client!) to a sexy new outfit. She had been modelling for a famous French brand, so she picked one of their little black dresses and a slinky lace number to wear underneath. When she was flying back to London, she just couldn’t wait to spend the night with her favourite client.

Our client booked a suite at one of the top hotels in London, and she arrived to find him with a bottle of champagne on ice, room service and a bubble bath ready for them to jump straight into.

They both enjoyed some champagne and room service, and the client showered his companion with compliments all evening. He booked a model – and she got a model gentlemen in return. What a perfect evening!

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