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Let us assume that you’re dressed to impress with your Gucci shoes, your new shirt and your designer jeans. You look a million bucks! You might think that spending a lot of money will give the right impression so with your trusted credit card in hand you’re ready to roll. Its the dating game escort style and it’s becoming more and more popular.

So what do you think the average date should cost these day? Think about it this way… If you go on a date with a new lady you’ve met you’ll most probably be expected to pay for dinner and a few drinks at least. And this is London so if you want to impress, the drinks don’t come cheap.

Expensive Night Out

Lets say you’re trying to impress, so you book a fancy restaurant and you’re going all out to give the best impression. You’ve slashed out on your new outfit and now you’re about to burn the credit card for the night to have a good time. It’s not going to be a cheap night ahead. A normal, romantic date with a woman that’s as attractive, luxurious and charming as one of our ladies usually consists of some expensive components. So if you’re playing the dating game you’d better be prepared to dig into your pocket.

Yes it’s true that many ladies these days are more than capable of paying their own way when it comes to a date night. But if we’re being honest us females do like the man to take the lead, at least for the first encounter. It’s not much of a turn on when a gentleman looks to split the bill at the end of the dinner. We all like a man to play the part, at least for the first night out.

The most typical things:

Clean Car £10

Fuel £20

Flowers £25

Dinner with drinks £90

Bar / club £75

And what do we have?

Cost = £220

And what’s the result?

She will say: “Have a good night or See you tomorrow” And you have to play this game for 2-3 weeks, sometimes more. There’s no guarantee that all this effort and money is even going lead to anything. So isn’t it refreshing to know that there is a much more cost effective way to meet beautiful ladies? The dating game escort style offers a hassle free way of finding the perfect companion. We have stunning escorts for any occasion and you’re guaranteed some added passion thrown into the mix too. Why pay out a fortune for small talk and dinner when you can have some real fun for a fraction of the price?

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If you ask us…… it’s a no brainer!


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