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Don’t ever believe that no one loves you. Have you looked at yourself lately? Do you love who you are? Have you considered that it is because you don’t love yourself that other people don’t love you as you would like them to? Before looking to others for love, you must look at the relationship that you have with yourself as well as with others.

Many times we believe that in order to feel loved, the love must come from somewhere else, but what if you don’t get the love that you so desire? Does that mean that you are not worthy of being loved by anyone? Many of us tend to fall into this trap, yes even us, by thinking that if we are not loved by an escort no one else will love us either.

If you want to love yourself whole heartedly then stop looking to others for approval. Not every single person will always like you, we don’t think that it would be healthy if everyone did anyway. Don’t allow others to dictate your happiness or to take away the love that you have. By seeking the approval of others, you are losing sight of who you really are, therefore damaging who you are as a person.

A high class escort will indeed give you the warmth of human contact and she will have faith in you. But she will never be able to love you as you should love yourself. Believing in yourself is toughest when you feel as though your entire world is crumbling around you. It’s ok to have a few bad moments, just don’t let it consume you. Feel the emotion and move on.

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