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Our ladies like to look after their body and their appearance. All our gorgeous escorts in London love to pamper and look after their skin to ensure they always look their best for their clients. We advise them to make sure they are presented well and look as stunning as they do in their photos to make sure our client’s experience is always a genuine and positive one.

One of our top London escorts told us: I like to cleanse, tone and moisturise, and drink lots of water to keep myself looking radiant.’ Another escort likes to use face masks: ‘I have used face masks from a young age and have found using different face masks has been good for my skin; I am lucky to have good genes from my mum, so I always keep myself and my skin looking fresh. I also swim to keep in shape, and afterwards, I always use the steam room; I think steam is very good at keeping my pores clean and me looking naturally fresh. I know some girls that use face-up wipes to take their makeup off, but I always try to use cleanser and moisturiser in the morning and at night.’

One of our escorts based in Victoria finds her skincare routine is more straightforward to include in her life: ‘I use wipes and sometimes cleanser to take my makeup off, but I do a lot of exercises, this keeps my skin radiant, and I always have a healthy glow from activity. I also find when I have more bookings, I’m naturally more glowy, and that’s one of my secrets! I have had regular bookings for many years, and this has kept my blood circulation tremendous and helps my skin. I also take vitamin tablets to keep myself healthy from the inside; if you’re healthy on the inside, this tends to show on the outside, too.

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