Park Lane & Mayfair

As far as 25-year-old April is concerned, the forbidden fruit was never so tempting. In her case, it comes in the form of a sweet, young blonde with slender curves and a beautiful face.

At a petite 5ft 5 inches tall, April enjoys a promising glamour modelling career that showcases her beauty and poise perfectly. She looks stunning in everything she wears and adores being shown off by her clients when they are out together. But she is not just the sum of her beauty. Never be misled into thinking that blondes should be seen and not heard! April is a clever, cultured woman with a quick brain. Captivated by new experiences, she has many stories from the places she has been that will keep you entertained for hours.

This South American escort might look sweetly inexperienced, but she has enough sass in her personality to drive a man out of his mind with lust.

Take her shopping, to the theatre or out for dinner and feel those hours speed by as you fill them with laughter and conversation. Her sweet accent will make you smile,e and there may be things about London you can tell her that she hasn’t already seen.
Fellow men will be very jealous when April is with you, but you needn’t be worried that any man will catch her eye, as when she is with you, nothing and nobody will get her attention apart from you. April has a gift of thinking that you are the only gentleman on the planet and will feel extremely special.

April is one of our top South Kensington escorts and is very much in demand, so check her availability at booking. This promises to be a sizzling summer! So call us on 07811 160 160 and ensure that April is with you this evening.

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