Park Lane & Mayfair

In recent years we have seen ‘the rise of the big voluminous derriere’. Latina girls at Park Lane and Mayfair have certainly played a large role in ensuring the bottom’s popularity.

If you wanted to achieve a beautiful round gravity defying derriere without surgery then here are a few tips and you are going to have to work hard!!

First of all a great bottom is a matter of genetics, but you can give it a helping hand by eating what is commonly referred to as a clean diet.

Gone are the days where ladies ask ‘does my bum look big in this?’ In fact today females are asking ‘does my bum look too small in this?’ We get asked all the time what the secrets of a good behind, whilst some of our London escorts get a little helping hand from a surgeon and some ladies like to put a lot of hours in the gym to create the pertest of bottoms.

Men, do love a lady with curves. But if you want great skin and a peachy bottom with no cellulite, then you need to supply it with lean protein such as chicken, eggs and fish, good carbs such as plenty of green vegetables and whole-grains, and healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados.

Your behind doesn’t like lots of cakes and sweets and it will spread like crazy if you gorge on that sort of stuff.

Then there is the exercise regime that our girls love to do – You’ll find on YouTube, the bikini fitness models do A LOT of squats and lunges, using weights. It’s a great way to sculpt those curves.

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