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There is no accounting for taste on an individual level but, as our escorts come in all shapes and sizes, we do try our best. Our escorts originate from all over the world including Eastern Europe, South America, Russia, and of course Great Britain itself. Many of these women embody what makes people from these countries so beautiful and unique, which is great for us and for you.

As you might expect, these women like to take care of themselves. For example, a different type of dusky, sensuality comes from our South America escorts. After all, Latinas are well known for their curvy figures and olive complexions. Alternatively, our Russian escorts tend to be tall and slim with model faces and lots of class. Of course, we don’t dictate how the ladies look, no matter where they are from. In fact we let you to see them for who they are, and truly appreciate their beauty on an individual level.

Escorts always dress to impress

You can rely on Park Lane and Mayfair girls to really express them-selves fully. This will include a range of dress from sky-high heels, to sensuous lingerie that frames their bodies like a dream. There is nothing quite like an escort who knows how to make her-self appealing. The idea is however, that our escorts will be your dream women. And as our escorts come in all shapes and sizes, this also means that we can account for many different tastes. Whether you’re a connoisseur of buxom women or petite skinny girls, our escorts always know how to dress to please. This is your time after all, so it is important that you get what you want. And we want you to be with the woman who can make your fantasies come true.

At Park Lane and Mayfair our girls all have that special flair. This is why our clients consistently chose us over other agencies. It is important to know that our girls are also very confident and able to step into a great variety of social situations. For example, our Eastern European escorts make up some of the most sophisticated and elegant ladies that we have to offer. These ladies look breath-taking in little black dresses and are a pride to be with, especially if you are attending a formal event.

Different body types

Many of our London escorts are elegant, statuesque types and know exactly how to pick the best outfits to match their bodies. Our escorts come in all shapes and sizes, from curvaceous bodies that just cry out for tight fitting dresses to slim figures with long legs perfectly formed for a mini skirt. What is always guaranteed, however, is that you will have trouble keeping your eyes off them. They are experts at courting attention, turning the heads of men and women alike.

Fantasies come in all shapes and sizes too

There is no shame in admitting that an escort is there to fulfil your fantasies. Therefore, when making your booking, you should not hesitate to specify how you would like her to dress. Our ladies love to put as much attention into their underwear as their outerwear. In other words, she’ll be impeccably dressed all the way to the skin. Escorts come in all shapes and sizes but no matter who you choose, she will always exceed expectations. In fact, your chosen companion will satisfy curiosities you were previously unaware of!

For some, they like their date to be even sexier (if that’s even possible). For example, if you have a thing for PVC, corsets or fantasy outfits, many of our ladies can accommodate your needs. It may well be however, that you also want the the full fantasy experience from a woman. Well, we have women like this who truly have a talent for making dreams come true. These amazing escorts come in all shapes and sizes and they take an active interest in all styles available to fulfil their clients needs. Having the versatility to switch from a classy evening dress to a scandalously short and revealing mini skirt will only add to an escort’s reputation as a girl for all occasions. Add to this the fact that all of our escorts have incredible bodies and you have a woman that truly did just walk out of your dream!

Meet our very versatile escort Heather

One such escort is Heather. Even at the tender age of twenty-three, Heather is a fun and charming companion who would be the ideal date choice for any London man. We guarantee that a booking with her will leave you with a smile on your face for days afterwards. Her body is to die for, smooth and sensual and her natural beauty is just the icing on the cake. Heather is simply delicious. This gorgeous escort not only looks the part, she acts the part too. She has a whole selection of additional extras that guarantee to please just about any fantasy and fetish going. Heather is more than capable of pleasing any man no end. Heather is one of our escorts with videos, so you can see for yourself just how attractive this young lady is.

Elite escorts like Heather come in all shapes and sizes

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