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How will you react when your fantasy presents itself right before you in glorious technicolour? When you can actually see and touch the image that has been present in your mind for so long? Now you have your chance to play out for real all those games you’ve created in your head. Perhaps you’re going to be the boss, like the guy in the film Secretary who has to spank his assistant every time she gets something wrong. The choice is yours. You make the rules to the game and you decide how the story goes.

When you book a London escort, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask her to wear an outfit which you find appealing. For dinner dates it may be appropriate to ask her to wear a stylish cocktail dress with sky high shoes while for other, more intimate, meetings you may prefer her to dress in some kind of uniform. We all have fantasies, but those involving uniforms can be very easily realised and while uniforms such as those worn by nurses or French maids can be very arousing, one outfit which retains its universal popularity is that of the secretary.

Just imagine the stereotypical image of a secretary. The prim white buttoned up blouse, the tight pencil skirt, the seamed stockings and stiletto heels. Maybe she’s wearing her hair in a bun at the nape of her neck, perhaps even a pair of horn rimmed glasses. Can you hear the sound of her stiletto heels as she makes her way to the door of your hotel room? The rhythmic click as the steel tipped heels make contact with the wooden floor. Just imagine how your heartbeat will increase as your imagination starts to conjure up all kinds of images of what is about to happen. How you’re going to feel when you open the door to your very own fantasy.

Imagine it now as your secretary removes the pin holding her bun in place and lets her hair tumble around her shoulders. See her manicured fingers undo those tiny buttons on her silk shirt, one by one until you can see the lace trim of her virginal white bra. Imagine how her bottom looks as she bends to pick up the pen you deliberately dropped on the floor and how the seams of her stockings highlight the shape of her legs.

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