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Our ladies often get the opportunity to travel; or they do anyway when they are high class escorts such as me. I work a lot of the time with rich and wealthy business people and sometimes they want a companion for travel – whether that is travel for business of pleasure.

My client this week needed a companion for business. He had work to do in Paris and asked me to accompany him. Naturally, I jumped at the chance as surprisingly I had never been to the City before and I’d heard so much about it.

Of course, our trip meant avoiding the kinds of places which are so popular with the romantic couples. We stayed in the part of Paris which is aimed at business people. Even though that meant it had lots of conference rooms and internet access, though it did still have some nice touches – big rooms, comfortable beds and a spa facility.

I made myself at home and I explored the City whilst my client met with key people, finalised terms and conditions and sealed the deal.

By night, we went out to restaurants and bars. As I’m one of the best Park Lane and Mayfair escort in London, I’m quite good at spotting other escorts and I noticed my client wasn’t the only person in many of the places we went to who had an escort on his arm.

I spotted two other London escorts I knew and three other girls I reckon must have been locals. We nodded at each other briefly and shared one or two secret smiles. It’s good to recognise your colleagues and to acknowledge the role we play in society!

I would like to have swapped notes with the Paris-based escorts. I would have asked them what business was like in the city, if they get to travel as much as I do, what clients over there like when it comes to escorts, which are the best night clubs and bars in the city and if they get a lot of business from stag parties.

Anyway, I love London best of all, but it was nice to get out of the city for a while. I enjoyed the feel to Paris and I loved walking its streets and exploring its beautiful historic buildings.

Luckily for me, my client may have sealed his deal, but he will definitely need to return to Paris before too long. And if he asks me if I want to accompany him on his trip, I certainly won’t be turning him down.

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