Park Lane & Mayfair

Being a tourist in London and experiencing the capital is undoubtedly one of the finest things you can do when visiting the UK. This culturally diverse city has every possible cuisine on offer, from some of the finest Chinese and Japanese restaurants around to world-renowned French and Italian dining. If you like a taste of the Middle East, then close to Marble Arch is the famous Edgware Road and somewhere you might want to think of visiting. They have some of the finest Lebanese restaurants and cafes in the country. You can experience mouth-watering shawarma wraps and fresh juices, a perfect way to fill up after a great evening in London. China Town is another area to consider visiting; as the name suggests, it is a fantastic place to taste authentic Chinese food, and the advantage age of the allocation itself is very close to Leicester Square, which is always buzzing with activity every night of the week. You may be lucky enough to see a few A-list celebrities premiering a new movie they’ve starred in or enjoy the vibe of the London nightlife.

Sightseeing is a must in this great city, and here in London, we have not only many award-winning restaurants for you to sample but also plenty for you to do and see… You have to visit the famous Buckingham Palace that everybody recognises, it’s a short walk to the houses of parliament through Trafalgar Square, and then there’s the beautiful River Thames which goes on for miles. The black cab drivers are full of knowledge and know all the great places to go and experience, and there is so much to do and see in London you can’t fail to fall in love and want to come back again.

If you need a companion to share all of these beautiful things with, then why not book your very own tour guide? What a beautiful one she’ll be. Our escorts in the city offer a brilliant service; you may want the lady for an hour, the whole day or even the whole week!! We have lovely, friendly ladies to accompany you. You have all the beauty, charm, and outstanding personality for whatever you want to do, and you can be sure of the perfect partner. You will take back many memories of your visit, but one that may stick in your mind most definitely will be the young lady you booked to share it with you.

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