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I usually live and work in London but when my company decided to send me to Paris for three months I was overjoyed. However the one thing that put a dampener on my excitement was the fact that I’d been having regular meetings with one of the London escorts in my area and I was reluctant to lose the intimacy which was developing between us. As it happens, I needn’t have worried. After some discussion with ‘Adele’ she agreed that she would come to Paris to visit me every three weeks. This seemed the perfect compromise for both of us. I loved spending time with Adele, she provided a complication free relationship that suited us both and now we had a way to continue what we’d started.

So every three weeks I booked Adele a ticket on the Eurostar and she travelled to be with me in Paris. I can’t describe the excitement I felt the first time I waited for her at Paris Gare du Nord. From there we went straight to my hotel room. Well it had been three weeks since we’d been together and we wanted to greet each other in our own special way. After we’d been reacquainted, I took her to Christophe, a little bistro on the Rue Descartes where we sat at a bare wooden table under the poppy coloured walls while dining on steak with potato puree and his famous lemon flavoured millefeuille.

Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without a walk along the Seine and a trip up the Eiffel Tower and I have to admit, Paris took on a whole new appeal for me when I was in the company of Adele. We walked for miles, exploring the quaint streets of the Latin Quarter, window shopping in the upmarket designer boutiques and sampling the delicious French wine. We also spent many hours in my hotel room exploring each other. But all too soon the weekend was over and it was time for Adele to return to London. Needless to say it was a bittersweet goodbye or should I say au revoir as we said our farewells at the station.

We actually managed to keep this routine up for the three months I was seconded to Paris. As I couldn’t have my usual escort services in London, Adele brought her own special brand of escort services to me. It certainly made the time I spent there much more enjoyable and now that I’m back in London, I miss the times we spent together in Paris.

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