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It’s not often that a client would rather stay and talk rather than go out sightseeing or fine dining somewhere in London with a beautiful young lady. Of course, our discerning gentlemen clients love a bit of banter and then some naughty fun, but to be honest, we have many clients who couldn’t care if our ladies utter a syllable during their dates, apart from yes, no or maybe as they are in one of the fact that their beauty is spending time with him. We, however, believe that all of our ladies should be able to hold a decent conversation at least, and it’s one of the things we look for when selecting our new escorts. You never know when you might come across that one client who wants to sit down and enjoy the company of his chosen lady and hear what she has to say…

When Silvia met Frank:

Frank is an ex-convict. He was released from prison a few months ago after a significant drug heist in South London in 2000 (of which he was the mastermind). He was released early on good behaviour after swearing he was a reformed character. You must understand that we don’t ask about our client’s pasts. Our escort for this appointment was quite fascinated by her client, and he was very open and honest with her about his life and experiences…

Silvia was at a bit of a loss, to begin with, when Frank first told her where he’d been all these years. She couldn’t understand what he would have been privy to in prison or what his family might have thought about it. Frank explained that he had no family and had not received a single visitor for the whole length of his sentence. He was never married, and his girlfriend had disappeared to America as soon as he demanded. Frank is a lovely, quiet character and likes more than anything to listen to what our girls have to say.

On this occasion, Silvia and Frank talked about how technology has moved on since his time inside; for example, the last time he used an escort agency, there were no websites for him to view; he looked for adverts in his local paper and hoped that the lady turning up would be as attractive as she’s described herself to be. He loves that today, you can select exactly who you want to see, and you won’t get any unpleasant surprises when you hear a knock at the door. Escort agencies are open 24 hours a day now; Frank loves that no matter what time of the day or night it is, he can pick up the phone and call us, and we’ll have a lovely young lady with him in no time.

Frank was also a bit of a film buff before he went inside and said he had much catching up to do. Our lady asked him why he had hired an elite escort if all he wanted to do was to talk away the hours. He smiled and said he often sought the company of beautiful professional companions; it was not always all about looks but often the conversation that he wanted more than anything. However, with our agency, he got both. As he’d spent years in the company of brutal men, he needed a bit of feminine conversation. He wanted to hear all about our lady’s experiences in her life, all the things she had seen and done; it enriches his life to speak to our ladies, and he feels he hasn’t wasted so much time being locked up after an evening catching up.

Sometimes, we take our freedom for granted. London is a playground enjoyed by millions each year. Occasionally, we forget how lucky we are to have everything this fantastic city offers at our fingertips. Franko knows that from now on, he’ll treasure every moment of his freedom, and he intends to make the most of it and enjoy the Londaslly part of Park Lane & Mayfair as his chosen 24-hour escort agency; he wants only the best from now on, as he knows how precious his time is and doesn’t want to waste it. When you know you’ve got something good, why look for something else?

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