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Whilst having intimate fun is something that you enjoy doing, having it in the same place every single time can be quite boring. If you have decided on booking a high class escort in London, then it will be nice to have a change in environment every so often.

Here are a few places that you can have a fun time as well as a few ideas for props to go along with them.

Place -In the changing room

You can take your sexy companion to buy some lingerie to wear for you in the bedroom, but why not let her give you a sneak peak in the changing room?

What you will need;

A changing room that is hidden from the view of the store

Place – At the office

Why not invite your elite escort into the office so that they can see what you do for a living? They will definitely add a bit of atmosphere to where you work.

What you will need;

An office! You may not have an office of your own but we’re sure that you work somewhere don’t you? When you let the boss know that you will be putting in some extra hours at the office and you know you will be alone, find somewhere that does not have camera surveillance and have your wicked way with your beautiful companion.

Place – In a lift

You may have seen people having fun in the lift in the movies and always wanted to try it. Just ensure that your lady knows to wear appropriate clothing so that you can get in and out of them quickly!

What you will need;

A lift without cameras. You may also want to go in a building where it is quiet so that nobody will notice too much when you stop for some fun with your naughty lady.

Place – In the car

It will never get old. We all make out in the car every so often, but somehow we usually tend to find a more “comfortable” place to finish off. Why not just go all the way in the car? Because there is a lack of space it means that you have to be quite creative which in turn means you can have lots of fun and a laugh.

What you will need;

A car and a secluded spot to get naughty in with your companion. If you don’t have a car, then maybe you can rent one just for the occasion.

Place – Aeroplane

If you are going on a business trip, then you may want to take them with you. Having intimate liaisons on an aeroplane can be quite tricky but it’s definitely worth it if you can pull it off. Timing is everything and you have to adapt to fit into tight spots because the toilet of the plane is definitely only made for one!

What you will need;

Plane tickets and great skills to pull this off

Place – The beach

This is quite a seductive place to have intimate fun especially if it’s a moonlit night. Not many people tend to go the beach of a night, so it can be a perfect place to have a Park Lane and Mayfair lady entertain you.

What you will need;

Probably a towel, (nobody likes a sandy bottom!!)

Finding a place to have an intimate encounter is very important because it will determine the mood of the session. So what kind of session do you want? When you can answer that then you will be able to determine the best location to have the most fun.

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