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A very recent client of mine asked to come with me the next time I get my in-fills. He says he loves the thought of my long fingers being lovingly handled by a girl in a white tunic. I think there may be some kind of weird girl-on-girl thing going on there or else he likes the smell of acrylic! Either way, I said I’d happily drag him along for the hour-long session if it would make him happy. A light went on behind his eyes. Sometimes, I wish all my clients were so easily pleased. He also promised me a new ring to show off my manicure – which set off an even brighter light behind MY eyes! I’m thinking something white gold and sparkly from Tiffany.

I know plenty of London men who like feet. Pretty painted nails and soft skin in a pair of Louboutins is enough to raise the ardour of any red-blooded male, in my opinion. And the same can be said about hands.

I notice other women’s hands. I can tell a lot about a girl if her hands are manicured. She is giving out a non-verbal message that she takes care of herself and spends money on looking good. Whether it’s for her to compliment an outfit, hands are always on show to the public so they should look nice.

I talk with my hands a lot. If you were to tie them behind my back, I probably couldn’t hold a conversation. I also like to wear various pieces of jewellery I’ve had bought for me or purchased whilst out shopping in Selfridges or somewhere else in the world … like Dubai for example. In a nutshell, my hands are an expression of my personality and they are as well presented as the rest of me.

I spend an absolute fortune on acrylic extensions with various patterns painted onto the tips. My favourite nail bar in Chelsea knows me by name and all of my life history. If a girl can’t trust her nail technician, who can she trust?

So, yes boys – it DOES take time and money to make a lady’s hands beautiful but don’t you think it’s worth all that effort when the hands in question are trailing lovingly along your arm … or scratching along your spine?

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