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Did you have a favourite female teacher at school? Was it down to the way she taught the lesson or was she the first female to stir the raging hormones of your youth? Perhaps those lessons went beyond the realms of maths or English and started to stray into the territory of biology and reproduction or perhaps you fantasized about her giving you extra lessons.

Whatever your favourite teacher fantasy, our naughty Park Lane and Mayfair escorts can replay it for you in real life safe in the knowledge that your advances will not be rebuffed (or reported) and that your teacher will do exactly as you want, even if she remains firmly in control.

We wonder the psychology of boys fantasizing over a particular female teacher? It could be something about her punishing you if you get things wrong or speak out of turn, or your fantasy is all about an older woman teaching a young boy the ways of the world.

Whatever your teacher fantasy, why not discuss it with one of our gorgeous top escorts? We’re sure they’ll be happy to oblige you and bring your fantasy to life. Most of our companions have many outfits to suit your idea of what you want your teacher to dress as.

Just imagine it now; those deep seated desires finally coming to fruition and all under your control. This is your fantasy. It plays out the way you want it to. It’ll score 10 out of 10 in the satisfaction stakes. You’ll certainly want to spend as much time in detention as you can with one of our naughty teachers of course!

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