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Get the ‘Real Deal’

You call and ask for one of the most exquisite girls we have. You’re staying at an exclusive hotel in central London, you’re a little nervous at first but you are taken aback at how relaxed and friendly our receptionists are. You are able to ask about your particular desires and preferences. We can make excellent suggestions and have chosen a particular lady called Uma for his evening. Uma is contacted and she arrives swiftly at your hotel – you open the hotel room door and there standing very elegantly is a beautiful lady whose legs goes on forever. She has a strikingly attractive face, somebody who wouldn’t look out of place in a bond movie.

Of course you want to get the business side out of the way and immediately pay Uma. You only wanted an hour but on seeing this beauty and charm decides to book her for a few more hours as you want to show off this beauty at a swanky restaurant. You and Uma make your way to a 5* restaurant chatting excitedly together as you both have lots in common. You can’t believe that such a beauty could be so easy to talk too. Dinner is over, and time has flown and you have had such a wonderful time, you were in the restaurant for nearly 2 hours.

You will believe you have known Uma for ages and is happy with the way she carries herself in public it’s as if you’ve known her for years… The best is about to come as Uma can come back to your hotel room for a nightcap. You pour a drink, and asks if she wouldn’t mind staying a few more hours. Uma promptly agrees – she loves the company of you as you are such a gentleman and is happy to stay longer in your luxury hotel. One thing leads to another and it’s getting very late, Uma needs to leave and of course you need your sleep. Uma has fulfilled your every wish and you have fulfilled Uma’s too being such a kind, caring and considerate client.

These types of London escort bookings are the real deal and you will too feel like this gentleman if you book Park Lane and Mayfair. We are here to help, so you will always find a convenient time to contact us.

So why not see for yourself what beauties we have on offer and you may surprise yourself with our amazing ladies like Uma.

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Put a smile back on your face

Traditionally men tend to book an incall escort after they have finished a long work day and need some time to unwind and relax.

Why not try something different for a change? Have an overnight escort sent to you in the early hours of the morning before you go to work. Spend a couple hours with her, have a little fun, take a shower and clean up together and send her on her way. You’ll arrive at work with a little more energised and perhaps a spring in your step, maybe even with a smile on your face along with a renewed sense of energy.

Our beautiful ladies are available almost anytime you desire, It doesn’t matter what kind of hours that you work because there will always be a lady that is willing to provide smart, intelligent, professional and fun to be around for your enjoyment. Every day and night is a good one when you make an appointment to spend some time with our beautiful companions.

Park Lane and Mayfair escorts know that not everybody works the same hours and that is important for them to succeed as an overnight young escort so they have to be flexible and be able to provide companionship at any hour of the day.

Maybe you don’t like to get up that early before work, maybe you need to rest as much as possible. If you trudging through the work-day, paperwork is piling up and tensions and pressure are mounting inside… step out for a while, grab a bite to eat, get a breath of fresh air. You could even make an appointment to go see one of us in-call ladies.

Our beautiful ladies can provide you with a nice massage to help you calm down and forget about the office for just a little while. You can go back to work ready to face the tasks ahead of you.

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Keep in good health

Our amazing ladies do make an effort to keep healthy – they eat a great diet, workout to maintain their curves and they drink a lot of water. But from time to time, a bug or a cold will strike. Think about it, beautiful ladies often see people from all over the world. They’re in demand from all kinds of nationalities and people can also bring in their bugs and their germs with them. Sometimes their immune systems are on overdrive, or if you look at it another way, our ladies are strengthening their immune systems too!

When you are a top London escort, you do need to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed at all time. So, when the dreaded bugs hit they take it easy in bed. Sometimes catching up on the books and the films that they have been too busy to read or see these past few months, and drinking lots of water!

So what do amazing ladies do when they get ill? Is there such a thing as escort sick pay?! Well, it isn’t really a daft question if you think about it.

Fortunately our ladies rarely are ill and we think it’s to do with having extra activities in the bedroom department, it certainly helps the blood flow and keeps our ladies very fit indeed. There is something to be said for positive Intimate relations that keep the mind and body in good shape.

When you are in good health, your skin glows, you look radiant and talk comes easily and naturally. Being able to talk easily and naturally is certainly important for Park Lane and Mayfair, talking and listening are the most important aspect of the job – so keeping on top of health is crucial.

Rest and recuperation is the best thing for them to feel better, and another day or so and they shall be bright and breezy once more. Ready to show the discerning gentlemen of London a very good time again!

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The Place to be

For many, The West End is associated with lively nocturnal entertainment, but there are still things for you and your to do with your escort during the day. The West End is the perfect place for morning people, because the cafes brewing delicious Italian coffee, charming bistros serving brunch and eclectic stores are simply irresistible. It is no wonder that The West End is one of the most popular destinations for clients to book beautiful Park Lane and Mayfair escort; the attractions, restaurants and hotels are simply unbeatable. Also the choice of Park Lane and Mayfair ladies, available all night long makes enjoying one of our ladies very enticing.

It’s also one of the best places to party this weekend! The diversity of bars, clubs and adult entertainment this area is unrivalled anywhere else in London and you would do well to enjoy with an energetic companion. From the southern subsection of Chinatown to the maddening crowds of Piccadilly and theatres of Shaftesbury Avenue, to the sophisticated stores of Carnaby Street and Kingly Court, the possibility for activities to do with your International would be endless. From morning till night, it never seems to lose its stamina.

Strolling around West End, you will notice that many of London’s most famous attractions such as Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square are all nearby. Every year, Hollywood celebrities fly to Leicester Square for Film Premieres and there are many cinemas around there from big Odeon theatres with 3D film screenings to small independent ones showing international films. If you love art, then you cannot miss the National Portrait Gallery, as St Martin’s Place. The impressive gallery spans 60 years of British history told in portraits.

So if you want to see the sights with charming Park Lane and Mayfair escorts you have come to the right place – our ladies will fit right into the whole ambiance of the evening or day with you. Just look at our gallery of gorgeous females and see who takes your fancy. Give us a call and we can arrange your perfect day for you.

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When it’s this good why choose another

Just look at their gallery photos. Surely the girl who arrives for your date could not possibly be the one to arrive at your door – but she will be. Our photos are 100% genuine and we pride ourselves on the very best. We even provide nature selfie photos for all of our ladies so you can see their untouched pictures as well as their professional ones. So don’t miss out, call us today and you could be with a lovely lady in a matter of minutes.

Our customers often report back that their chosen girl was amazing. That she was heart-stopping beautiful and charming. When one of our clients comes back from a date with one of our elite escorts he is usually mesmerised and a little bemused. He may not have believed that women like that existed even though he has just spent a few hours, a night or even a few days with the woman of his dreams. How on earth can a lady that he has paid for actually genuinely be lovely and charming as this??

Our ladies arrive dressed to thrill and ready for anything. They exude confidence, command the attention of every male in the room and take no prisoners along the way. Whether these women are blonde, brunette or redhead they will make you weak at the knees with lust and eager to tend to their every whim.

In truth, how many gentlemen are lucky enough to be able to pay for an experience their fantasies are made of? Who can usually tailor-make their dream date with the perfect woman and boast about it afterwards? After all, we know that something like that will not stay secret for long. Park Lane and Mayfair might be discreet in its services, but we don’t expect our clients not to tell all of their friends. After all, recommendations make a business thrive.

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An authentic GFE

Our ladies are perfectly shaped for your tastes and are elegant and sensual. Our GFE escorts are especially very good at their career and like to make all of our discerning clients happy and content. They are able to carry themselves with poise and her perfect proportions are a wonder to behold. The are clever, articulate and astoundingly beautiful, women want to be her and men want to be with her. Our girls are most privileged and lucky to work in London with charming gentlemen like you and are always at some of the most affluent areas of the capital.

Most men fantasise about the ultimate model girlfriend – a head-turning, exquisite, jaw dropping goddess of love that they can put on a pedal-stool. You can guarantee that this beauty would not look out of place at any swanky elite affair. She may be brunette, blonde, British or European; Our agency might just have that dream-girl that you have been waiting for, that will make all your fantasies come true. We truly have the most superb selection of gorgeous girls with fantastic personalities to match.

Imagine treating your favourite companion to a candle-lit meal at a top-class restaurant before retiring together for the evening. Who would be able to pick you out from all the other couples, enjoying their evening together? Nothing would distinguish you from their intimate world of ‘two’ – now that is definitely a girl-friend experience worth trying out.

With all that power, is it any wonder that our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies can offer that ultimate girlfriend experience when she spends time with her client? Sometimes he may not even request being treated like a much-adored boyfriend; Our models just naturally fall into the pattern of hand-holding and intimate conversation because our companions feel more comfortable and wish the experience the client pays for to be authentic.

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Book from an established agency

When you look for established escort agencies in London you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits. These agencies usually have some of the most professional, beautiful and elite girls in the city. They offer a wide range of fit for clients with different needs and tastes. These London agencies understand that every client is different and therefore their choices are different. This is one of the reasons why they offer such a huge variety of to select from.

Established escort agencies also train their girls well since they represent the agency and are responsible for their image and their reputation. These ladies know just how to handle any kind of situation and are dedicated to offering quality, discreet services to their clients.

If you have been thinking about spending some time with elite London companion the first thing you will need to do is to find a reliable and professional escort agency in London. The City is home to an overwhelming number of agencies today so finding one that suits your particular needs can be a little time-consuming and difficult. However, the results are worth all the effort. The best escort agencies offer you a number of benefits compared to some of the newer ones because of the knowledge and industry expertise that they have.

Perhaps the first thing you should know is that every escort agency is different. They all have
different levels of experience and different specializations. Newer agencies have usually not been around enough to be able to understand the exact needs of their clients.

Understanding client requirement is a crucial element to success so it is important to look for an agency that has demonstrated this level of understanding. Experience is usually the best indicator for this.

You can expect the best quality services from these agencies along with professionalism and discretion. These are a few reasons why most men today prefer to contact an established Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency.

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Awesome and New

This weeks beautiful new blonde Devon has joined our ranks! How about that for a great start to the week? Just have a look at Devon’s profile to see what we mean by stunning news. Our vibrant and sexy young girls are just the thing you need for an evening of fun and glamorous partying.

The new week at Park Lane and Mayfair is always an exciting time for us because new clients are coming into town and new girls are being recruited for our agency. Sometimes, our most popular ladies are touring London again and that’s reason enough to rejoice!

Also new this week is a gorgeous escort in Marble Arch. Fun, exotic and sensual model Uma will have any man crave, with her sparkling personality and enthusiasm is truly delightful.

If you are looking for a friendly and versatile young companions to enjoy the sights and sounds of London, then Clarice, one of our top escorts in South Kensington, comes highly recommended.

At Park Lane and Mayfair every one of our females has been chosen for their joyful personalities, finesse and ability to intuit your needs, so it is no surprise to know that playful Devon is lovely and is very adaptable to your requirements. This spontaneous and exciting sexy new escort can also duo with friends so what are you waiting for?

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Discover our ladies

You might be wondering where many of our ladies come from. We don’t mean literally destination-wise, but rather what they did before they got into escorting in London.

Other girls come from modelling backgrounds. There are at least a handful of girls here who have been lingerie models in the past. You may be wondering why they would turn their back on what’s perceived as a glamorous career but chatting with the girls it doesn’t seem that way when you hear about the freezing cold hours they had to spend standing around on windswept beaches.

We’ve an escort in Bayswater who worked as a personal trainer but got fed up with the long hours for little compensation – especially when she looked at the lives some of her celeb clients had. Rightly she wanted some luxury and time in her life too. Who can blame her?

You might find it difficult to believe, but another girl was an English teacher! She got fed up with the profession and the low pay. She now loves working as an expensive escort in London and her quality of life has gone up enormously in that she doesn’t have to put up with rowdy kids giving her cheek all day.

She was a bit apprehensive about some of the clients at first but now she loves the respect she gets from them – certainly 100 times more than she ever did with the teenagers she had to put up with day in, day out.

And the rest? Well, we have a couple of make-up artists which are extremely popular with the other girls here since they’re so skilled at their craft, a nurse and a couple of women who are married but keen on making their own money rather than asking their husbands all the time. Who can blame them?

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Rainy days don’t have to be depressing

Some research has found that our productivity increases during bad weather-that is, we are less distracted by the thought of enjoying a sangria on the beach and calling up friends to hang out with. That is great news if bad weather occurs during the week: we can bury our heads in work and free up more time for the weekend!

If you come from hotter climates like many of our gorgeous Brazilian and Middle Eastern ladies then the cooler weather may actually be a nice change from the heat in the UAE or Rio. At any rate, you will be more inclined to enjoy indoor activities and in London, there are plenty of interesting diversions for you.

Culturally rich and dynamic, our city has a whole range of art museums, theatres, fine dining restaurants, concert halls, venues and art galleries to enjoy. Many venues are open till late, so you can make the most of nightlife in the City!

You can even unwind by staying in and opting for room service, or making a reservation at the ballet, opera, show, whatever takes your fancy. Of course, being social creatures, we do much better with company who can share the experience of a great night out or in.

Park Lane and Mayfair is the first port of call for many visitors to the city because their companionship, availability and entertainment skills are second to none. Booking our London escorts is convenient and can be done simply over the phone with the utmost discretion. When it comes to enjoying a rainy day with company, no one is more stylish or sensual than us, so this could be the best way to while away a week of bad weather in London.

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    You call and ask for one of the most exquisite girls we have. You’re staying at an exclusive hotel in central London, you’re a little nervous at first but you are taken aback at how relaxed and friendly our receptionists are. You are able to ask about your particular desires and preferences. We can make excellent suggestions and have chosen a particular lady called Uma for his evening. Uma is contacted and she arrives swiftly at your hotel - you open the hotel room door a...