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When it comes to hiring escorts, there’s no right or wrong reason for a man to do so. Sometimes it’s because he needs a plus one for an important event, or maybe he wants to live the high life in London with a beautiful girl on his arm. Sometimes though, the motives for hiring an escort can run a lot more deeply. A big fantasy of many men is to have a woman dominate them, and luckily, our clients always feel that they can ask our ladies to take control.

When a booking came through last weekend, it was from a new client. His name was Matthew, and he was new to the city and spending time with escorts. Our ladies just know how to get men to come out of their shell, Matthew was pretty open minded, and didn’t have any real preference when it came to women, but he wanted to be dominated. Finding someone to do so can be difficult when you’re dating, but hiring an elite escort was the perfect solution.

Our chosen companion for him bought a few things with her in her bag of goodies. Nothing too intimidating: some handcuffs, a blindfold, a tickler, and if Matthew was feeling especially adventurous, a whip.

After talking about it for a little while, which is always essential if you want to create a good rapport with a client, he settled for the handcuffs and the blindfold. Matthew confessed that he’d like her to spank him, and surrendering control like this would really help him to de-stress and forget his everyday worries.

After making sure he was comfortable and agreeing on a safe word in case things got a little too much for him, our lady began to show him exactly who was the boss. She did get to use her whip in the end, after Matthew begged for something a little more intense than her hands. After a long evening of just toeing that line between pain and pleasure, he was clearly keen for more and asked if she was available in a couple of weeks time. Well, what do you think she told him?

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