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Everybody is different; we are not telling you anything new, merely stating a fact, so to come up with something so random, we will back it up with our views as to why. Everybody knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that music is an acquired taste, but our perception of what people see as different affects our lady’s jobs and whether or not a new client will see our ladies. We are not talking about someone picking a blonde or brunette or whether our ladies live in Bayswater or Euston. We are talking about who dares win!!

It is no secret that most of our ladies enjoy good role play, and they are very good at changing the way they look or spicing up a client’s dream. One lady has added an extra player in her regular hotel for a sleepover and has played the sexy stranger in a ba,r, but her latest vamp it up took place in a casino in Mayfair.

The escort in question decided that her client, who very aptly called himself Mr Bond, could have a little taste of her martini and could take full advantage of shaking and stirring his very sexy escort lady. Mr Bond is a beautiful man who has never disclosed his occupation to us, keeping his work close to his beautifully toned and bronzed chest. The escort has talked from time to time about going to a casino and dressing up to the nines, and when she suggested doing a little Casino Royale, he jumped at the chance to act out his idol’s life.

Dressed in a very glamorous Gucci dress and with her hair cascading down her back meant that our escort looked good enough to eat (which he did cheekily promise), and like a proper Bond gi,rl she was ready to stalk her prey. She paid her role perfectly, and as she’s one of our top London escorts, Mr Bond was not disappointed with his dream date. She’s a beautiful elite escort with a perfect slim figure, big brown eyes and stunning features. She’s intelligent, sexy and sophisticated and makes an ideal social companion for a dinner date or a night out. She’s among our most popular and best escorts and receives excellent feedback and reviews. So, if you want to know who she is and have your very own 007 experience, give Park Lane and Mayfair a call. We’ll arrange your perfect leading lady for your very own adventure!

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