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We all have moments when a box of chocolates, a spa treatment, beautiful clothes or a DVD box set of our favourite series will cheer us up on a glum day. Frequent indulgences are good for us and arguably even motivational when the message to our reward centre in the brain tells us to work harder for the following extra. For some clients, booking escorts is a well-deserved reward for a hard week at work or to say to themselves -you deserve a break.

In a world full of Instagram accounts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and iPhones, people still need an intimate touch. It is all very well to connect with millions of people worldwide through social networking. Still, you will crave the company of friends over a well-lubricated meal and feel-good endorphins from laughter and being part of an intimate group. But what if your job involves lots of travel away from family and friends; the isolation can be devastating. Whether it is consultancy, international business conventions or secondments to another country, clients can feel very lonely in an environment where they have no time to make new friends from scratch.

People deal with loneliness in different ways, and for some-seeking the company of high-class escorts is just one of them. Friendly and empathetic, guardians can intuit client needs and use their emotional intelligence to make others feel much better. Even if it is shared laughter over a silly TV series or an evening in with room service, the company of an engaging escort can work miracles to relieve cortisol stress levels and loneliness.

It doesn’t need a scientist to tell you that interactions with a human being, even tactile ones, can uplift your mind, spirit and soul. Spending time with a fun and extroverted escort may bring clients out of their shells and remove their minds from the minutiae of work schedules. Not only will the client’s cortisol levels be reduced, but their endorphin levels will also improve-which leads to better relaxation, digestion and restorative sleep. Some escorts even offer professional Swedish or Thai massage, promoting good circulation and physical revitalisation.

Social status matters in certain circles, and a glamorous lifestyle is imperative to maintain this status; when holidaying abroad, who doesn’t want to live like a VIP with luxury yachts and gorgeous models sunbathing on the landing? And when you pull in with a private chauffeur at London’s most exclusive clubs, who doesn’t want an entourage of beautiful, stunning ladies to announce to the world that they were high rollers serious about having fun? Fake it till you make it, people say; well, our elite escorts at Park Lane and Mayfair make sure you feel like you’ve made it!

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