Park Lane & Mayfair

I get asked to dress up or down so many times that often I forget who I am! I swear there are moments that I wake up in the morning and automatically consult my planner to see who I will be that day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind. It’s tremendous fun to build characters and fantasies. Being a model escort I have been privy to the artistry of creating new looks with make- up, hair and clothing and sometimes the crazier the better.

Being the perfect Park Lane and Mayfair escort means being a chameleon. If someone wants me to wear a pink wig, a silver space suit and bark like a dog on their £2,000 sheepskin rug in their £3,000,000 apartment in Belgravia, I can’t say no. If I’m asked to accompany someone to a museum or a poetry recital in a long skirt, high neck and no make-up I have to comply.

Today’s date with Matthew is no different. He has requested a top chelsea escort for 3 hours to visit him at his house in Sloane Square dressed as…a female vampire. White face paint, blood red lipstick (excuse the pun), jet black hair and pointy teeth, long velvet dress with slits up each thigh, stand up collar and choker. Very vamp seductress. He has said that he wants me to dominate him and “hurt” him with my thigh high heeled boots and man-handle him. Should be interesting considering he is 6ft 2 and I am 5ft 6.

Matthew is 44 years old and we have enjoyed many different role plays in our time together. He has told me that the older he gets, the dirtier he gets and that is perfectly fine with me. I have always thought the more powerful the man and the more of the workaholic the person is, the greater their fantasies but not Matthew. He is a billionaire due to his inheritance and really doesn’t do much apart from travel, shop and explore extreme sports. He hasn’t got much stress in life that one would get from an 80 hour working week; he just genuinely likes to try out different fantasies and has never come across a woman to explore them with. We started off our working relationship with a few dinners and desserts at his home and from this getting to know you introduction we have come up with quite a few scenarios to blow his mind.

My mission now is to Google what my vampire name would be for the ultimate fantasy topping.

Enter… Selene de Pompadour, mistress of the night – brilliant.

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