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Our clients have found Park Lane and Mayfair very useful as they have found the perfect solution to having female company when it suits them. Some of our female companions fly out to meet clients in exotic places it may be the Cote d’aZur on a Yacht or San Francisco at a convention. Most of our high end clients have their favourite international escorts that they use whilst out on business meetings and are always very pleased with how professional and charming they all are. Our client always use Park Lane and Mayfair whenever they knows there is a business meeting as they know they will be in good company without the hassles of everyday relationships.

We have a very successful businessman who nearly had it all success and wealth, unfortunately he didn’t have a partner at present, he’d been married a few times but his ex-wife’s never could get used to his long business meetings away from home which always caused friction as they wanted his time. He was torn between making money and satisfying his home life. Our client is a bit of a workaholic and although he loves female attention finds it hard to stay in one place for too long as his business life is very hectic.

He pays for airline tickets for the ladies, and pays in advance our ladies travelling expenses, so are girls are safe in the knowledge that they are always looked after. He is very generous; in fact, he always buys his female companions designer clothes to wear or gorgeous jewellery. He appreciates the time that he spends with our ladies and the pleasure they give to him when he needs it most. Our client has very good taste and although he is a busy man seems to make the time to spoil his companions and our escorts love him for that.

We hope that in the future he will find a lady that understands his commitments because he is a special kind of guy and deserves the best, but in the meantime we aim to keep him happy with our travelling companions that can accompany him at any time he wants and gets the pleasure that he definitely deserves. Most of our top London escorts know of Our client very well and when they know he is looking for a companion all want to be with him firstly because he is a true gentleman and secondly because he is so generous in his nature.

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