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When you speak to people about escorts in and around London, many believe the industry is filled to the brim with young and youthful girls, leaving room for not much else. They may be beautiful but if young doesn’t float your boat too much then beauty doesn’t really help does it. Here at Park Lane and Mayfair we have a selection of women that might just float that boat of yours and we like to call them mature escorts. These girls have a vast amount of experience and simply adore spending quality time with the discerning gentleman of London.

When it comes to booking one of our more mature female escorts there are few different things you must first consider. These women are most certainly experienced and know their way around, on top of this they’ve also grown used to the finer things in life too. They may have never escorted at all in their life before but they most certainly know their way around a man and that’s exactly why we’re representing them. On top of this they’ll also be far more aware of what they like and what they don’t like, though clients have told us before that this has been a huge advantage for both parties involved.

So the next thing you need to consider is what exactly you’re going to do with your Park Lane and Mayfair escort of the mature variety? Hopefully you’re a man who also enjoys the finer things in life and has chosen to spend his time in a nice hotel, perhaps even a suite somewhere? This is quite possibly the perfect surroundings for our young at heart ladies, as they know all too well just how to conduct themselves with grace, style and most of all discretion. This should immediately put you at ease and allow you to relax in time for a rather unforgettable evening. Just like any woman however, our female escorts enjoy being wined and dined so we suggest beginning the evening with a sumptuous meal somewhere. If you’re staying at a particularly high quality hotel then there’ll no doubt be a fabulous restaurant to eat at in the hotel itself, which could make things a lot easier when you’re looking to stumble from your table into your luxurious queen size bed. If you’re struggling to find anywhere however just ask when booking your escort, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to fine dining.

If you’re looking to keep things simple however then you can of course just have one of the best mature escorts London has to offer, meet you straight at your hotel to share a nice bottle of champagne. The women you see on the pages of our more mature escorts are always happy to entertain in private; in fact some prefer it as it means they don’t have to hold back in front of the public when it comes to showing you just how much they’re enjoying themselves.

If our mature escorts sound appealing to you then all you need to do is call today and book.

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