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Our girls are very knowledgeable about theatre shows – they have seen many shows dozens of times, and still, they do not tire of them. Great storylines accompany the powerful music. These sorts of experiences will bring you closer together, forming a bond. You will feel very close to your companion and will enjoy her company very much, and she will also enjoy the company of you too. This relationship could be the start of a regular rendezvous where you both can see all the West End shows together again and again

London escorts love it when their clients take them to the West End with the promise of a blockbuster musical experience. Like Broadway in New York, the City’s West End is always heaving with tourists. As the audience spills out onto the pavements after a matinee or evening performance, many can be heard humming the musical score – others laughing and smiling; among them is sure to be a Park Lane and Mayfair client with his devoted escort lady. What better way to strike up a conversation than to share a love of the theatre and delight in everything they have just seen together?

There are many sites where you can book your favourite musicals, with some great deals. Park Lane and Mayfair can wholeheartedly recommend the Queen tribute musical ‘We Will Rock You’, playing at the Dominion. Or for a spellbinding, spectacular show, ‘The Lion King’, now showing at the Lyceum. But book well in advance as this fantastic show is always packed, and ticket prices are competitive. You can choose seating arrangements for privacy or be correct at the front, where you can see every detail.

Your Park Lane and Mayfair escort will be able to treat you to the perfect Girlfriend Experience during your West End date. Seeing a show with somebody else who shares your passion for West End play makes it altogether more enjoyable for you. You need to give Park Lane and Mayfair a call and book the girl you think stands out from the dozens in our galleries. You may find it hard to choose as there are so many delightful ladies on offer, but Park Lane and Mayfair can always suggest a suitable companion if you need some good advice. So if you want to go to the Theatre this weekend remember to book a date with us too.

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