Park Lane & Mayfair

We know many of you have another woman and let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be here otherwise would we now?

However, not every “other” woman has the qualities to remain so, it takes someone a little special to say the very least. This is why many guys go for a more experienced lady when they’re booking with us. It’s only with the knowledge of the more mature escorts where our clients get the true “other woman” experience. Don’t get us wrong however, we are not talking about OAP’s here and we’re confident that all of our London escorts are all incredibly talented individuals; and they’re all clearly beautiful beyond belief, we wouldn’t represent them otherwise!

We’ve mentioned experience and this is one of the most important factors to consider. Knowing what men want, having had lots of experience with them, is what most of these women have over the younger girls at any escort establishment. However, there are other things to consider besides the experience factor. The look of an older woman has developed considerably, and if they have looked after themselves like the women we represent at Park Lane and Mayfair then you’re in for a real treat.

Mostly full and rounded hips, providing a perfect hourglass figure that looks good in the most closely fitting dresses and sexy lingerie is one thing that you’ll find pretty much perfect in a more mature lady. Age has developed their body and working out has helped keep it in position and nice and tight where it counts!

It’s also worth considering that when it comes to presenting themselves, with hair, make-up and dress sense, these older ladies have had a number of years extra in order to fully realise how good they can look and they fully realise their potential.

Of course, we’re going to blow our own horn here and tell you that the choice you get at our agency is beyond that you’ll get from many other escort agencies. This is primarily because we are well established and trusted, but also because we have many girls from around the world thus making our database pretty big. Escorts in London, particularly older escorts, will always try to get represented by an agency that can get them a lot of work; and this is certainly something we can boast.

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