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We’ve found that as our books grow that more and more of our London escorts are in fact students that are studying in universities across the city, working as escorts part time. With not much spare time around their studies, it’s the best way to make some extra money, and the perfect flexible job to support their education.

What does this mean to you? Well, when you are book a date with one of our elite London escorts, you’re not only getting a sexy young lady to accompany you for the night, or simply just a 1hour service, but you’re getting a beautiful girl with brains as well as looks!

The double life that they lead. Just imagine one minute they’re in their lectures, tight skirt, hair tied back in a bun and geeky glasses on. Twiddling their pen, they’re just waiting for the bell to ring so that they can come and meet you for your sexy rendezvous.

Walking around University no-one knows about their secret, sexy double life. No one knows about the saucy underwear they are wearing under their college outfits or the naughty things they were up to the night before.

They get the best of both worlds being spoilt by you in the evening whilst studying by day. Gone were the days of a ‘poor student’. They have now got wise to actually making money whilst studying and these ladies make up the majority of our most elite ladies on our books as they are smart and sassy and are a dream to take on any date.

Just look at our galleries of student girls just waiting to be asked on a date by you – maybe one evening you could play ‘teacher/student’? That would definitely be a role play worth playing out.

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