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It’s new picture time. Oh how I love this time of year!

Every year, we put our creative heads together to create some new pictures for the website and any other correspondence. Fed; a top notch photographer who is also a client. We do enjoy other dates throughout the year, but updating the photos for the escort agency in a glamorous shoot does work both of us into a raging frenzy of pheromones.

Not only do I enjoy making love to the camera in whatever position suits me best, I do love modelling my glorious designer threads. It gives me a chance to pull out my most expensive, sexy and different purchases, teamed with my fabulous Louboutins or Jimmy’s. So doing my research for the days shoot is very important. Research being trying on various ensembles and if I’m not entirely happy I have to go shopping …don’t I?

For last year’s shoot, Fed took me to various different locations in London. He is renowned and rich and very charming so he can pull whatever strings necessary to see that wherever we are, the area will be sealed off or if we need to shoot in next to no clothes in a public area, we won’t be disturbed…or hounded by the law for indecent exposure. We were lucky enough to shoot a very risqué set in our own pod of the London Eye at midday last year, and being half naked in a transparent container knowing that tourists can see in from their pods was very exciting. Fed had to really compose himself before we landed to get out of the bubble. Poor guy, but it was uber sexy!

Fed has a penthouse apartment in Chelsea with massive floor to ceiling windows, lighting to match whatever mood set and lots of funky designer furniture to drape myself over. This is always our last port of call for our final set of photographs. These are more for personal use, not for my elite escort profile, and though we both trust each other immensely, we do take it in turns to pose and we both keep a set of prints safer that way, plus it’s quite nice to have a look at them from time to time on the rare occasion that I’m not busy.

What? Fed is stunning, and I am only human…needs must and all that…

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