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So you have just had an amazing evening with one of the many gorgeous British escorts and you are about to say good night to her and head on your way. You might be wondering what the appropriate social etiquette might be – should you tip her for her services?

The answer is that you are not expected to tip an escort, but you are certainly welcome to if you want to. Paying just her full rate is fine and usually this is what most clients of British escorts will do. However, if you feel like she put in the extra effort to make your experience special you might want to give her a little something extra. She certainly won’t mind this extra treat and you might soon become her favourite client! Sometimes clients give tips in the form of gifts, such as jewellery, chocolate, wine or lingerie, so this is another option to consider. Tipping your escort will let her know that you really enjoyed your time together and that she went above and beyond to make your experience special.

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