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If you have never dared to use an escort service and are nervous, there’s always ‘safety in numbers’. By this, why not share your escort experience and take a friend with you? It may take the sting out of meeting one of our fine ladies for the first time. You and your friend can go into one of our lady’s apartments or arrange for them to visit you. This way, you can feel safe knowing you are together and experiencing the same service. Therefore making it more relaxed and enjoyable for you. We guarantee this will be an icebreaker, and you will feel like doing it on your own in no time soon.

We always find that two girls who are happy and comfortable with each other are a much better choice if you want to share your escort experience. As a result, we will always recommend girls who we know are relaxed with each other and enjoy one another’s company. So, if you’ve never felt like you’ve dared to see one of our ladies, rest assured that you can always go with a friend. Share your escort experience with us and meet some of the best duo girls in the business. We bet you’ll both be walking home with a big smile that will take a long time to fade!!

Enjoy your escort experience with a trusted friend.

Being with your friend and with two beautiful girls at once is something that countless men have fantasised about. Some lucky ones have experienced this in their lifetimes and perhaps on multiple occasions. However, for those who are tired of fantasising and want an exciting encounter with two beautiful girls, look no further. We have several duo pairs for you and your friend to choose from. So, if you thought this was a fantasy entirely out of reach for you, think again.

One thing to remember is that our companions always follow specific procedures with clients. This isn’t something you should be offended by. It’s simply their way of ensuring everything is ok with the booking. For example, they will always sort the business side out first. Therefore, everybody can feel relaxed and enjoy the afternoon or evening ahead. The girls will call the agency to tell us that they have arrived safely, and if the evening extends, we regularly call the lady to make sure she is alright. Please do not assume she is constantly checking her phone for other rendezvous. It will be just the agency caring about our girl’s well-being.

Our ladies are very approachable and will always be kind and caring. However, we do expect the same from our gentlemen clientele, too. Even if you are nervous, we will not tolerate anybody being rude or passing judgement to our girls. They are here to serve you; in return, you should trust and respect these outstanding individuals. Therefore, to share your escort experience with a friend, please choose the right friend first.

Share the fun but still get all the pleasure.

Escort bookings with friends are a speciality here at Park Lane Mayfair. You can browse our gallery to see which young ladies you like and take things from there. One of the misconceptions about duo bookings is that it is easy to arrange and attain the desired results. In reality, a successful duo booking depends significantly on the rapport of the individual escorts, their propensity for open-minded fun, and the client’s expectations. Therefore, finding out which ladies are happy to involve another attendant is essential. Otherwise, the situation could turn awkward.

Another thing to consider is the synergy and compatibility of the two young ladies you choose. Most have preferred escort friends, so considering this may be worthwhile. Sharing your escort experience with young ladies willing to provide this service is essential.

As a top London agency, we hold our high-end title for a reason, and that means elite girls who are privileged in behaviour. We care about our clients just as much as we do about our female escorts. Happy escorts equals happy clients, and that’s how we like it. Therefore, we always want the gentleman to feel welcome and give him the service he deserves. Here at Park Lane and Mayfair, we want you to come back, share your escort experience, bring your friends and become a regular customer of our London agency.

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