Park Lane & Mayfair

When you consider going away on business, you will no doubt put some thought into how to best make it both comfortable and enjoyable. Your thoughts may go to finding a decent hotel room, and organising transport around the city, but have you considered enhancing the trip even further by employing the services of a model as your escort? A beautiful woman greeting you after a stressful meeting or even accompanying you to an important function will surely massively improve the experience.

From sexy sky-high heels, to sensuous, rich lingerie that frames their bodies like a dream, you can rely on our escorts to really express themselves fully when it come to what they wear for their clients. There is nothing quite like an elite escort companion who knows how to make her-self appealing, mixing classic and contemporary looks to please. The idea is however, that our ladies will be your dream women for as long as you desire, and that means that they can account for many different tastes. Whether you’re a connoisseur of buxom women, shapely derrieres or unendingly long legs, our girls know how to dress to please. This is your time, so it is important that you get everything you want, whether it means spending some quality time together in private or hitting the city in a big way, you should be with the woman who can make your fantasies come true. You will literally be the envy of all who see you!

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, but at Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency our girls have that special flair that will make you think we have concentrated it in our organization! This is why our clients consistently chose us over other organizations. It is important to know that our girls are also very confident people who are able to step into and adapt to a great variety of social situations. They have a wealth of social experience and are adept at being as vivacious or as demure as you want.

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