Park Lane & Mayfair

Part of the City of Westminster, Victoria is close to Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Hyde Park. It is also right on the doorstep of The Daily Telegraph, and a taxi ride away from the West End. And if you want to stay in the area, we can wholly recommend “Wicked” as a first-class theatre experience that will take your breath away. We have many agency girls who love to be taken to the theatre and will enjoy it just as much as you. If you’ve ever thought that one of our elite escorts would not appreciate the theatre, then think again: our escorts are very cultured and have probably seen their favourite musical many times before but never tire.

It may be small, but the district of Victoria in Central London is always bustling with commuters and tourists. Most famous for its train station that more-or-less allows you to travel all over the south of England, Victoria is primarily a commercial area; however, there are also private and social housing, with retail uses along the main streets. Just by looking at the age of the buildings within its streets, Victoria district is steeped in history.

If the buildings could speak, they would tell of the 19th and early 20th-century music halls, the Palace Theatre and the famous faces that climbed to stardom from the lowest of the low.

So it shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere to take your date or have something to talk about with a girl who comes from the area herself! To make your search easier, our London Victoria escorts and escorts in Westminster can be found in the location galleries on our website.

To book our girls and to have a fantastic night out in London, call us. We are open around the clock, so there will always be a perfect time for you to see one of our lovely Park Lane and Mayfair beauties.

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