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At Park Lane and Mayfair, we are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gorgeous young Brazilian escorts that we have coming over to our fair isle. We often wonder why, seeing as Brazil is an exotic paradise, and London is, well, a miserable, grey town… If we were given the option we’d be by the beach sipping rum punch in our underwear any day of the week, but there’s something about the city that they seem attracted to.

Well, it’s our good fortune anyway, as we get a constant influx of sexy Latino ladies who simply adore having flirtatious fun. So we can’t really complain. Recently we’ve had a fair few landing in London to join our agency as soon as the plane touches down… So we thought we would give them the lime light this week and showcase our top Brazilian lovelies!


Dani is naturally gorgeous; this South American escort beauty has a natural glow about her skin, a real palpable energy that pervades any room that she is in. Sweet, charming, sexy, Dani has it all. An escort that knows just how to get you in the mood, she will find your fetishes and exploit them! With a fantastic body, her long, flowing blonde hair sweeps across her breasts. You will find her only in the finest lingerie, stark whites that compliment her skin.


There’s not really much to say about this gorgeous, olive skinned petite Brazilian that her pictures themselves can’t tell you. She’s got a flawless figure, and at 5’5” comes in a complimentary, compact package. Her pert breasts and well-rounded rear will have you licking your lips. One of our most popular elite London escorts, she is the regular’s favourite – full of energy, excitement and genuine desire.


Any time spent with Simone is time you wish would last forever. She simply so hot – the 5ft 7” Brazilian and her hunger and thirst for sweaty, naughty fun is second to none! Just like any typical Brazilian woman, Simone is all about her aesthetic, her big bottom, large breasts; she wants to be desired. She craves being craved and wants you salivating when you see her in beautiful lingerie.

So go on treat yourself you a mind blowing Brazilian!!

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