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A generous bust makes ladies feel gorgeously feminine, and a perky bosom enhances everything else you have. We’ve seen quite a few escorts before and after surgery; all of them were gorgeous before the surgery, but afterwards, they are absolutely knock-out.

Luckily for Oxana, though, she inherited her mother’s genes, and she comes from a long line of busty ladies. She is lucky, too, because she is naturally slim otherwise, so her boobs contrast nicely with her tiny waist and her curvy hips.

Are they real?” – That’s a question Oxana, one of our top escorts in Chelsea, gets asked all the time. People can be blunt about it, but Oxana doesn’t mind because she can answer them truthfully:

We’re talking about breasts, in case you didn’t know. Park Lane and Mayfair escorts often go down the route of plastic surgery to enhance what Mother Nature gives them. Don’t get us wrong; We don’t think anything is wrong with improving your assets. Out there is a whole heap of men who adore breasts and their lovely, soft, squishy feel.

Naturally, such lovely boobs must permanently be encased in the nicest of fabrics, and Oxana’s underwear includes lots of pretty bras which show them off to the very best effect. One set she has is made of silk, embroidered with tiny flowers and ribbons threaded through the cups – it’s her favourite item of underwear, and it goes down a bomb with clients, too.

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