Park Lane & Mayfair

Marble Arch is located at the far western end of Oxford Street, not far from Selfridges, where you must take your Park Lane and Mayfair lady and treat her to one of the many designer brands. The arch was designed in 1828 by John Nash and was based on Constantine’s triumphal arch in Rome. It is made out of Carrara marble. It was initially situated on the Mall as a gateway to Buckingham Palace but was relocated (where it is now) in 1851.

It was moved because it was too narrow for Queen Victoria’s state carriage to pass through! Historically, only the Royal Horse Artillery, the King’s troop and the royal family in ceremonial processions have been allowed to pass through.

Across from the Arch is Hyde Park, one of London’s many sizeable open spaces, which is a beautiful place to walk with your companion and enjoy the many goings on. You might be lucky to spot an up-and-coming politician speaking from his soap box at Speakers Corner, where Marble Arch meets Hyde Park – often attracting a large crowd to hear what they say.

Close to Marble Arch is the site of the Tyburn Gallows, sometimes referred to as the Tyburn tree, where from 1196 to 1783, public executions took place, one of its most famous victims being Oliver Cromwell, the great Protector of England. As you walk south from the arch, you should stroll down Park Lane, passing some of the most prestigious hotels in London, The Grosvenor Hotel and the Dorchester, which is very popular with wealthy Middle East visitors.

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