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Having a naughty little break with a Park Lane and Mayfair girl is a wonderfully liberating experience. For those of you who have the opportunity and, indeed, the money, we have the perfect travel escorts for you. Park Lane and Mayfair have long been a provider of holiday escorts, and the girls we have listed on our website all love to go on their holidays. If they can earn some money while having fun and putting their feet up, it’s even better, of course!

So now you know you can book a holiday escort from us to go away with, where will you take them? We think that if you’re spending time with a beautiful young woman, and you’re planning on getting your flirt on, you should go to a romantic island getaway. As always, we have a few ideas for you.

The best romantic island getaways

· Belize

· St Lucia

· Seychelles

· Montenegro

· Hainan – China

· Exumas – Bahamas

· Antigua

· Fiji

· Grenada

· Sri Lanka

Now you can choose your hotel, etc., yourself; we’re just telling you where the sexiest islands are. If you mention one of these places to your escort mistress, you will make an impression. You can bet they’ll be excited when we call them and ask if they want to go away!

What you need to know when booking a high-class escort for a getaway

First and foremost, you’ll need to know if she’ll travel. We said that our escorts like to go away, but not all do it, and some cannot do it for various reasons (other careers, family, etc.) The best thing you can do is to call us directly, and we’ll find out precisely what your chosen girl can do and how available she is for your romantic getaway!

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