Park Lane & Mayfair

Park Lane and Mayfair make all our gentleman callers’ privacy our top priority; we will never call you unless you instruct us to do so. If you need to visit a lady for an hour or two, with your permission, we can text you an address to go to, as this is more convenient than writing an address manually. Just remember to delete the address when you arrive!! Your chosen lady will discuss your requirements with you, and if you need anything specific, she can oblige but may ask for a little more time for her to get it for you, or you can bring along your fantasy outfit if that is what you desire. We are a very open-minded London escort agency and like to fulfil your every wish (within reason). We always encourage good manners from our clients and ladies; respect is our utmost priority, and we never tolerate anything else.

We all love a bit of fantasy, something to take us out of reality. The stresses and strains of everyday life sometimes take their toll, and we do need to relax a bit more and indulge ourselves in whatever makes us happy, albeit for an hour or two. We have a selection of naughty escorts ready to take you to that place, which makes you feel invigorated and energised, willing to take on anything. You may have always wanted to try a bit of fantasy but never thought you would be able to do it with your partner as it may spoil the relationship you had, as she may not understand your fetish. This is where Park Lane and Mayfair can be the perfect solution for you. You can indulge in your secret fantasy and have the knowledge that nobody will know about it; it will always be kept behind closed doors if that’s what you so wish.

Our team of happy and professional receptionists will advise you as to which fantasy ladies we have which will be suitable for you. If, on the rare occasion, we cannot help you, we will be honest and tell you that this isn’t what our ladies do. We will never send you on a wild goose chase promising things when we know it is not on the lady’s agenda. We are sure, though, whatever you had in mind, there will be a special lady for you and that you will be glad that you booked that hour with her, making your stresses disappear and energising your soul.

So look at our gallery and see which girls you think could fulfil your wishes. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!! We are waiting for your call…

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