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As a top 24-hour escort, I’m not allowed a day off. If I am ill, I have to get over it. I have maybe a morning to lay in and stuff tissues up my nose to catch the rain-a-falling, but if I have a client, it’s not particularly best practice to cancel a lavish London Hotel luncheon for a common cold.

So, let me take you this morning. I had Jed pencilled in for a midday treat at The Savoy; l,nch, and room service,e but I couldn’t even lift my head from my plush duck feather pillow or roll out of my super king-size bed to pick up my phone to cancel. I set my alarm to sleep and attempted to wake from my terrible ordeal of the elephant sitting on my head. Eventually, I  swung my gorgeous (thanks) legs over the edge, added into my en suite and turned on the shower to try and wash off the residue of the night sweat and dried bits of tissue stuck to my nose, but it was no good, Jed would have to take a rain check.

Jed is not the kind of guy you want to leave waiting. Thirty-four years old but way beyond his years in terms of his career, Jed is a massive name in the sports world. The rare time he has off is spent shopping, travelling or spending time with his favourite brunette escort babe, but this babe could not face even drying her toned body, let alone putting on suitable attire to meet the gorgeous man.

So, I am sitting here, feeling super sorry for myself and reflecting on a day wasted!!

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