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What type of woman – or man for that matter – makes a good escort you may be wondering? Certainly it’s a question that crosses the mind of everyone who enters this profession because, of course, it’s not for everyone.

Not all escorts are single girls either. Some have partners, others are married but, like all good escorts, they manage to keep their working and social lives separate. As you would imagine this isn’t a particularly straightforward task and, at times, it can be exhausting hence the reason many escorts take month long breaks to ‘rebalance’ themselves.

Escorts come from every class divide – there are high class escorts armed with a private school education and even some girls who have studied at Cambridge and Oxford. Then there are girls who grew up in council estates and are all too familiar with ‘the underbelly’ of life. Many of the girls at Park Lane and Mayfair escorts agency are from Europe or Brazil and have their own fascinating tales of growing up in a culture we here in Britain can only imagine. There Russian girls with the agency whose parents and many others of that generation still have a communist mindset. So, a real mixing pot and which, of course, makes for fascinating conversation at times.

Of course stunningly good looks and a knockout figure are important qualities for an escort here at Park Lane and Mayfair escorts aim to attract the opposite sex after all. But so too is the ability to provide amusing and witty conversation, put on a cheerful front and mix with a wide range of professionals and individuals – many from different cultures to their own. An escort must therefore enjoy being with people. She – or he – must also be prepared to do a little play acting at times. After all, there are times when none of us feels like going off to work, regardless of our profession.

In the case of the escort however. she not only has to be seen to be enjoying herself, but also entertaining her client at the same time. Not an easy task when you’ve already had a difficult day or received some bad news. Being able to maintain an enticing, entertaining escort personality in the face of this is undoubtedly the mark of the professional escort. And you will find many such escorts right here at Park Lane and Mayfair escorts.

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